Music Video Series

If you just can’t wait for the next live SHOW, here’s your fix! Our Music Video Series has met with rave reviews, with over 10,000 views on every video we release.

Our professional music videos tell a story in movement and song. It’s an opportunity for our company members to learn all of the protocols involved in filming, and an experience unlike anything else in Calgary. We love that we can capture the talents of our ensemble as it changes from year to year.

If you’re an established artist requiring backup for your own music video or live production, or would like to be featured in one of ours, contact us to discuss a collaboration.

Welcome to Neverland! Our LOST BOY video showcases company members Kristen and Parker and features the rich vocals and cello of guest Headliner Lizzy Munson. The Senior and Headliner company members back Ruth B’s lyrics with airy harmonies.
Each of the SHOW’s music videos is a little different, highlighting the skills of current company members.Travel back to the Roaring 20s with our cover of Kreesha Turner’s BOUNCE WITH ME, featuring Alandra Mazil backed by The SHOW’s Senior and Headliner performers.

In their first music video, our Junior company members got a little rowdy! These performers embody what The SHOW is all about, with their fierce willingness to work together and improve. Watch our Junior Company take on the business world in The Philosopher KIngs’ I AM THE MAN.

We created our first-ever video with the help of a few talented friends. Listen to what happens when talent meets technique, in The SHOW’s cover mash-up CRY ME A DIGGITY.

Curious about what The SHOW does? Take a look at our introductory video. We offer high level training to emerging young artists, and deliver it with expert technique, energy and soul.

Doing the music videos is completely different and a really cool experience – to create something with what I consider to be a performing family. It brought us closer together as a group, PARKER

Headliner Company Member


Check out our Junior, Senior and Headliner companies! It's all part of our mission to train, empower and showcase exceptional young singers and dancers as members of The SHOW's performing arts company in Calgary, Alberta. 

Kids learn to sing and dance with the SHOW Co in Calgary, Alberta

Junior Company Program

Kids learn to sing and dance with fun, supportive training that makes the most of every skill.


Voice lessons. Dance training. The art of performance in six action-packed hours a week.

Senior Company Program

Voice lessons. Dance training. Teens learn the art of performance in six action-packed hours a week. 


Train for a career as a singer and dancer with the SHOW Co's headliner company.

Headliner Company Program

Audition to take your singing and dancing skills far beyond basic with nine hours of training each week.